Why is there a feedback option?  Click here to find out.


How to give feedback

Go to the View Submissions page, watch the videos and indicate the ones that you especially liked.  If the feedback period is open, there will be an "I like this one" option next to the video, on the View Submissions page. This is different from YouTube's own Like (thumb up) feedback.

You may like more than one, and you may include liking your own creation, if you submitted a video.  You have three days to view and give feedback - Tuesday through Thursday for Round One, and Friday through Sunday for Round Two.  Please note the deadline (midnight of that day).  Keep in mind the criteria (below).  You can change your feedback while the Round is open.  Once a Round has closed, the results are shown.


The criteria

There are no strict guidelines for choosing your favorites.  Maybe it's a matter of flowing continuity.  Maybe it's something unusual, unexpected or stunningly original.  Perhaps it's elegant simplicity.  Maybe it's just an intuitive feeling of which ones you like the most.

But please avoid two things:

  • Favoritism.  Give feedback on the merits of the variation, not your favorite people.
  • Execution bias.  We know it's hard, but try to evaluate the design of the figure itself, not how well it was performed in the video.  Maybe the best figure in the world was performed somewhat awkwardly, or by far-away dancers in a grainy video, so give each submission a second thought, to see its potential.

Try it yourself

One major lesson that we've learned is that there can be a huge difference between the way a dance figure looks and how it feels.  Find a partner if you can, LIY, and see how satisfying it is to dance.  You might be delightfully surprised.