What to Submit

Make a video of yourself (or someone) doing just one waltz variation.  This is usually a two or four-bar dance phrase, but it may be a bit longer if necessary.

Your variation should be your original creation, not one that you learned from someone else.  Don't worry that someone else may have already thought of the same thing.  Originality is thinking up something new to yourself, not necessarily something that no one has ever imagined.

You may base your innovation on the Lab's theme of the week.  For instance if the theme is grapevines, your variation should include some kind of a grapevine step, even if it's only a fragment of your variation.  You may interpret the theme broadly if you wish, beyond the usual meaning of the term.

Or you may riff on any of the previous weeks' submissions (from any week).  If one of the figures especially appeals to you, try it out and see where you can make it more interesting or more comfortable for your partner.  Or use it as a departure point into something completely different.  And if you've submitted a variation in a previous Round, you may evolve your own creation further.

Please limit your submissions to no more than one per week.  Occasionally a couple will appear twice because each dancer in the couple invented a variation.

If you use music, choose music that won't get flagged and taken down for copyright violation.


How to Submit to Round Two

To submit an entry, post your video on YouTube. Once a Round Two is opened, click on View Submissions then click "Submit An Entry" and fill out the form.  Your entry will be sent to us, then we'll format and post it.

In the submission, please include:

  • Your names (both partners' names, primary creator's name first).
  • Optional: a description of your step, or any other information you'd like people to have.  There is a 490-character limit.
  • If you're riffing on a previously submitted video, please identify that video by its ID number (like 01-J).

Public visibility:  If you have reservations about being seen by the world on YouTube, click the Unlisted (not the Private) radio button under "Privacy." Your video and information will only be seen by those viewing the Waltz Lab page. Conversely, if you want the world to search and find your YouTube video (most do), click the Public button and enter "cross-step waltz" somewhere in your description.

You have 3 days to submit your Round Two video, Tuesday through Thursday. Please note the submitting deadline (Thursday at Midnight).