Using the

Random Dance Move Generator


Did you read the Waltz Lab page on The Creative Process?

A key part of the creative process is breaking away from accustomed patterns of thinking.  Lateral thinking welcomes unexpected elements and ideas to throw into the mix.

With lateral thinking, one generates as many alternative approaches as one can, for the sake of generating them, to bring about repatterning.

Vertical thinking is selection by exclusion of what seems to be irrelevant.  With lateral thinking, nothing is irrelevant.  Lateral thinking welcomes chance intrusions into what we expect, for their provocative action.

The hard part, whether it's overcoming writer's block or innovating a good waltz step, is coming up with the unexpected mind-jogs, since we're accustomed to thinking in expected ways.

Lucas Garron developed the Random Dance Move Generator to help stimulate creative dance innovating.

The Generator does not design the dance moves.  Dancers do.  The Generator jogs our mind in new directions by providing short keywords or longer enchainments.  Then our optimizing skills spot the keywords that seem to be promising, to turn them into a dance figure.

9 out of 10 may seem irrelevant or silly.  Persevere!  One will pop up that holds some potential — one that we may not have thought of on our own.

Yes, many are silly or impossible, but give even the improbable ones a second thought, before clicking on to the next one.  Sometimes the improbable ones head in the best, and least expected, directions.

You don't need to use the Generator's entire description.  Remember, we're looking for departure points, not a final description.  Maybe cut off the last two words... choose two other words from the middle of the line... then suddenly, an "Aha!" moment.

Here's a video with some examples of innovations suggested by the Random Dance Move Generator.